If you’re a woman who’s achieved success in business but secretly find yourself yearning for more — more passion, more pleasure and YES! more time and energy to FULLY enjoy the incredible life that you’ve worked sooo hard to build … then join Paula in favoloso Tuscany on an extraordinary journey of self-exploration where “La Dolce Vita!” will become your mantra for life!

Feeling the sun kiss your face as your hot air balloon gently rises…lifting you above the Tuscan landscape where even time stands still to breathe in the beauty that unfolds here…

…it’s the beginning of yet another incredible day. Your heart leaps as you take in the delights of this enchanting countryside — happy fields of sunflowers seem to turn their heads to follow you as you drift unhurriedly over the rolling vineyards, stone farms and medieval castles below.

It’s pure magic!

A peaceful quiet surprises and embraces you. The only sounds you hear are the gentle creaking of your basket and the rythmic bursts of flame as the balloon operater takes you up…up…up…

Gently lifting you to new heights — a metaphore for the empowering new perspectives you’ve discovered and the exciting new horizons you now know are possible!

Taking back your time — Reclaiming the balance that’s needed for you to enjoy all of life’s luxuries!

But most of all… Waking up each morning loving yourself and embracing every new day, knowing that your life is aligned with YOUR idea of success and that all the hard work has been worth it!

Tuscany is the PERFECT place to spend 8 luxurious days…

 …Imagine sitting by the pool outside our Tuscan villa in the company of a select group of the most inspired and bold-hearted women you could ever wish to meet…

the late afternoon sun filters through the silvery leaves of a nearby olive tree, casting shadows on the garden lawn.

You can hardly believe that, at long last, you’re here! … sipping your new favorite local wine under the setting Tuscan sun. You laugh to the point of happy tears with your newfound friends as you toast to the amazing adventures, insightful discoveries and unexpected surprises that you’ve shared.

You’ve embarked a journey of self-love that will last long after you return home…seeing yourself with new eyes, through new experiences….discovering yourself as you explore Tuscany and all she holds for you…

Reconnecting with your passion (offering you greater appreciation for yourself and deeper connections in your relationships)

It’s Time to Put Yourself on Your “To-Do List”

This is an invitation to put yourself on your “to-do list” and unplug from your laptop. Take a break from your demanding schedule and immerse yourself in a culture that offers you a new way to enjoy success — a lifestyle of time freedom, pleasure and renewed passion!

This not-to-be-missed retreat was specifically designed for YOU — combining the ultimate in transformational strategies with a life-expanding travel experience.

 The magical energy of this province will ignite your soul and fuel a newfound zest for life!

By the end of this retreat you will reconnect with your passion

Prioritize what’s important to you (without the guilt!

Embrace a lifestyle that puts time back in your hands, passion in your day and success on your terms!  

You’ll return home feeling recharged, more confident and freer than you’ve felt in years — there’s nothing sexier or more empowering than that! 

The Venue

Upon your arrival at the Florence Peretola Airport, you’ll be wisked away to the Valdelsa Hills near Castlefiorentino.

As you drive through the entrance gate the gravel drive crunches under taxi’s rolling wheels. Up ahead emerges our beautiful villa ~ La Boscarecce ~ a lovingly restored 200 year old farmhouse.

Our hostess (and owner) Susanna greets you with a warm welcome and shows you to your room ~ an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

A goddess haven — amenities include an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi…But most of all…a striking view of the Tuscan landscape.

Over the next week you’ll enjoy the calm of this beautiful countryside, the camaraderie of amazing women and incredible sunsets!

Each of our villa rooms are uniquely furnished and personalized with the names of women who have profoundly impressed history and the literary world… some Florentine by birth…others by choice or in spirit!

The Cuisine…

Prepare to have a love affair with your food — without counting calories!

Discover the Italian secret to ENJOYING your food and staying thin. Despite an abundance of pizza, pasta, and many other delecatables, Italian women know you don’t have to starve yourself to boast a figure like Sophia Loren…

Tuscans relish quality over quantity when it comes to eating. Their cooking uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients including legumes, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. Typical dishes are made of what can be found at the market that week. Perfect for our vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Although the food may be simple, it is rich in flavor, very hearty and exquisitely delicious!

You’ll experience the art of dining leisurely — great food, great wine, great company and fabulous conversation! Enjoying every morsel — you’ll experience a veritable dance of tastes and textures on your tongue (dare I say it?… an orgasmic experience for your taste buds!! Yummmmm!!!)

Most of our meals will be prepared by our hostess Susanna, the owner of the Le Boscarecce. She’s a most excellent cook!

AND… We’ve arranged for a private cooking class where Susanna will share delicious, easy to prepare recipes and local cooking tips with our group so you can cook like an Florentine at home!

And if that’s not tempting enough….

Florence Food Tour

Our group will embark on a Florence Food Tour (so extraodinary that even the most discerning gourmand will be envious!)

Fresh Markets, Wine Tasting and Gelato…Oh My!

We begin our culinary adventure where most food tours don’t go (but then you’ve already figured out this is no ordinary tour of Tuscany!)…the vibrant Market of Sant’ Ambrigio — Florence’s most authentic local food market. You’ll experience first-hand how the locals really live…and how they eat!

Get into the hustle & bustle of the market, just like a true Florentine — soon you’ll be chatting with the vendors like a pro. They’ll show you how to choose the best and freshest ingredients. You can enjoy tastings of fresh Italian cheeses and local cured meats, like finocchinoni (fell salami) that the market has to offer.

Afterward we’ll take a rest-stop in a lovely enoteca (an informal restaurant of sorts), where you can practice the art of dolce far niente! — the sweet pleasure of doing absolutely nothing…while you nibble on the city’s favorite snacks like crostini (little toasts made of thin bread brushed with olive oil) and assorted spreads…and since this is an enoteca the wines are vino sfuso! — stored in bulk. You’ll want to fill a glass (or a jug) of your own…just like the Florentines do. But don’t nibble too much…

Our next stop is a trattoria — Here you’ll enjoy traditional Italian main stays such as pastas and soups. Top it off with an aromaic cup of coffee & a gelato (Italian ice cream) = A perfect Tuscan meal for a perfect Tuscan day!

Added Delights…

No trip to Tuscany would be complete without indulging in Tuscany’s hot springs.

We’ll enjoy our first day relaxing at the Terme di Rapolano. The benefits of these precious waters have been enjoyed and treasured for centuries — bubbling up at 39 degrees centigrade (102.2 °F) they’re rich in sulphur and calcium bicarbonate — having notable theraputic properties recognized by the Ministry of Health.

You’ll feel the stress wash away as you soak in these luxurious thermal baths — leaving you with silky, vibrant skin, feeling refreshed & rejuvenated (could this be the lost fountain of youth?!)

We’ll visit the Emanuela Tamburini Vineyard located in the heart of Chianti production in the Tuscan hills.

This enchanting family farm dates back to 1890 — run by five generations — producing a variety of Chianti and Brunello wines, grappa (a grape based brandy) and organic olive oil.

You’ll enjoy an afternoon sojourn strolling through the sun-kissed vineyards…

*Spa services can also be arranged per request, at additional cost- just ask!

…ending our tour sampling the wines and enjoying a light lunch with the Tamburini family.

They’ll share their love of wine and pride in their family traditions — making this a warm-hearted experience.

Lose yourself as you navigate the narrow cobblestone streets. Around each corner you’ll find delightful ristorantes to indulge your appetite and quaint shops brimming with Italian treasures. Be sure to buy some alabaster! This city is famous for it!

Sooo much to see! Museums, landmarks, and several ruins — the remains of two ancient temples and a Roman Theater — just to name a few…

We’ll explore The Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) in the city of Pisa. The square holds three structures: a baptistry, a cathedral, and a bell tower — which tips just a bit! (Lovingly referred to as “The Leaning Tower of Pisa.”)

Gaze in wonder at the tower that has defied gravity for centuries. What secrets for creating balance will it reveal for you?

We’ll take in the panoramic views of the rolling Tuscan hills atop the centuries-old city walls of Lucca. You can take a stroll or hop on a bicycle to ride on the broad tree-lined paths along the tops of these massive 16th- and 17th-century ramparts.

Find your way to the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. Though the amphitheater no longer exists, the square kept its original elliptical shape it had when the Roman colony sat here.  

We’ll step back in time while the heads of the Roman god and goddesses Jupiter, Juno and Minerva look down upon you as you walk through the Porta dell’Arco entering the city of Volterra — this is the authentic city of the Volturi (any “Twilight” fans among us? Don’t worry, your neck is safe from Vampires here!)

Once inside you’re free to explore this beautify city as you please.

The Benefits…

So what can YOU expect if you spend 8 delightful days and 8 fabulous nights realigning with your bliss AND enjoying yourself on an exquisitely luxurious adventure in Tuscany?

Well . . . what if you could create the balance you crave in your life — prioritizing your needs along with those who depend on you…without feeling guilty?

And what if you could gain a deeper understanding of the thinking behind your choices — discovering, perhaps for the first time, what TRULY makes you tick and lights you up! — so you can design your life on YOUR terms (free from the expectations of others?)

What if you got the support you needed to redesign your life around what’s truly important to you — creating deeper connections in your relationships, reigniting your passions and having more precious time with family & friends?

What if you could put yourself on your “to-do list” having me-time and time for self-care — feeling good in your body and radiating an alluring self-confidence that can only come from truly knowing yourself and loving who you are?

And on top of ALL THAT…

What would it mean to you if you could “have it all” (all that’s truly important to you) living a lifestyle free of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion — while enjoying success on YOUR terms?

There is a richness to Paula’s skills; she is genuine. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels muddled, stuck, wanting to learn to shift out of stress and be amazed when you find the key traits embodied in yourself as an individual.

It’s exciting to know yourself better and perhaps discover someone beautiful just waiting inside.”   

~ Linda Kieliszewski

“Paula’s retreat was filled with information, reflection, stretching of comfort zones and reflection of how I see and value myself.  I learned how to let go of thoughts and past memories to move forward with a better and clearer understanding of my life’s purpose.

I learned life does not need to be hard. It can be enjoyed!” 

~ Nancy Erickson

You’ll leave Tuscany with:

  • A lifestyle plan that puts time back in your hands and pleasure in your days! FULFILLED
  • Renewed sense of self — knowing what lights you up and feeds your soul (no more settling for less than you can be, do, have or create) FULFILLED
  • Your unique Bliss Blueprint — your compass to navigating life on YOUR terms. FULFILLED
  • Passion reignited — with a renewed zest for life deepening your relationships. FULFILLED
  • Empowerment practices that support your newfound bliss so you can return home and FULLY enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build! FULFILLED
  • Feeling refreshed, refocused and recharged. FULFILLED
  • Freedom from overwhelm, guilt, expectations, or “shoulds” running your life. FULFILLED
  • Newfound friendships — Bliss Besties who have your back and support your dreams (blocking pesky naysayers and self-doubt.) FULFILLED
  • A new definition for success that is authentic to you, brings the fulfillment you crave and offers a new vision for what’s possible and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. FULFILLED

What’s Included:

  • Private 1:1 Bliss Breakthrough Call
  • Pre-trip Preparation & Intention Group Call
  • Your Bliss Blueprint – your unique roadmap to authentic happiness
  • Good Morning Rituals for self-care to maintain a vibrant state and set intentions for your day — to implement into your new life
  • Four deep-dive mastermind sessions with Paula + LOTS of juicy retreat conversations all week!
  • Boutique accommodations double occupancy with en suite bathroom for eight magical nights at La Boscarecce (yes, there are 2 beds in the rooms) *single occupancy option available at additional charge
  • Eight delicious Tuscan breakfasts at La Boscarecce
  • Six delightful lunches (4 full lunches plus two light lunches) either at our hotel or out + about town
  • Welcome Dinner Celebration at La Boscarecce (with wine)
  • Six additional mouthwatering, made-with-love, authentic Italian dinners at La Boscarecce
  • VIP Party & Farewell Dinner (with appetizers and wine)
  • Spa day thermal bath experience at Terme di Rapolano including pool kit (bag, bathrobe, towel, slippers)
  • Florence Food Tour and adventure guide
  • Cooking class & olive oil tasting with Susanna
  • Tour and wine tasting at the Emanuela Tamburini Vineyard
  • Entrance fees, tips, and group transportation to/from all scheduled group activities
  • Airport transfers for group to/from Le Boscarecce and Florence Peretola Airport at designated times

What’s Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home and other related travel expenses such as taxis, parking fees, inflight services, etc.
  • Two lunches, beverages and snacks (except those noted above)
  • Any activities or attractions you choose to do in your free time and related costs
  • Spa services, spa products or other spa related fees (other than those listed as included noted above)
  • Other miscellaneous items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, taxis, laundry, etc
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Arrive into the Florence Peretola Airport (FLR) on  May 23, 2020 before 3pm so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner. We recommend you depart May 31, 2020 after breakfast. We’ll have an airport pick-up on May 23rd.  If you are not arriving in time to be on this transport, we can help you arrange your own taxi to the villa (at your cost). Same situation going home.

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some additional exploring – contact Ales Struna (pronounced Alesh) our travel planner extraordinaire. He can help you design something fabulous as well as make sure that you actually end up in Florence at the right time and in the right place! Feel free to email him at: ales@journeysofthespirit.com


Hi, I’m Paula Houlihan

I’m excited to have you join us in Tuscany!!

I LOVE to travel. I’ve been to 49 of the 50 United States (Alaska, here I come!) and 12 countries on five of the seven continents…and counting…

I’m a seeker. 

Both in travel and in life…always have been.

I have an innate desire to learn, explore and discover. In fact, my signature strengths are Perspective & Wisdom and Curiosity & Interest in the World

And I’ve personally experienced that when you venture to places far from the familiarity of home, you truly discover yourself. You come to understand how you see the world and your place in it. You experience your resourcefulness, strengths, fears and core beliefs with new perspective.  

These insights bring clarity to perceived limitations — offering a new way of being and unbounded potential. 

I invite you on a journey of self-discovery — an invitation to see yourself with new eyes, through new experiences. Discover yourself as we explore the world…Together!

Have questions or need additional information? 

Feel free to email me at paula@paulahoulihan.com