Hi there, Lovely! 

Hi, I’m Paula Houlihan and I’m here to make sure that you never have to compromise what’s truly important to you or miss out on your personal life to enjoy the success you desire.

Successful women, like you, who have it all…but feel it’s still not enough…hire me to rediscover their passion and finally feel fulfilled so she can enjoy the incredible life she’s worked her ass off for!

And right now–I know what you’re going through…

Nine years ago, I was a corporate claims specialist in the insurance industry handling multi-million-dollar cases. I was good at my demanding fast-paced job, and frankly, I loved it too!

For years I thrived on adrenaline and wore my stress like a badge of honor to prove (to myself and to others) that I was tough enough to handle the level of responsibility I had earned.

I had the respect of management, my clients, and my peers. I took pride in my work and I steadily climbed up the corporate ladder–as you ladies know, that is not easy to do in high heels!

On the outside, I had it all….a prestigious career, a great income, a beautiful home, and a husband and family that I adored.

But the truth is, that level of success required most of my time and energy just to achieve it… not to mention maintain it.

I began to wonder “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

And to make matters worse, I started to feel like I was losing a key part of myself along the way…

Sound familiar?

Step back ten years earlier, I had come out on the other side of an abusive marriage — which had chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem – contributing to the chronic stress I was now under.

The perpetual stress I was “managing” was actually aging me, zapping my vitality, and was the culprit for the extra pounds I had put on and the cornucopia of health issues I was developing.

I was told by my doctor that these were just a natural part of aging. (Yeah, right…)

Getting no lasting results, I switched doctors and was finally diagnosed with stage four adrenal fatigue. It was then my suspicions were confirmed.

For so long, I had been afraid to rock the boat and risk losing everything I worked so hard to achieve–but with that diagnosis, I realized the choices I was making about how I was spending my time and energy were literally killing me…and I had to choose differently.

Fast forward to today…


I’ve learned that true success is not a standard! It’s different for every woman!

I didn’t have to change what was already working for me and I didn’t have to lose out on anything I’d worked hard to achieve!

In fact, it was the opposite…

By aligning myself with my deepest desires — I learned to more fully enjoy the rewards of my work and was able to welcome even more abundance into my life, all while being authentic to who I really was!



Well, that’s easy!

As a mindset coach who has supported thousands of women around the world, I know that success doesn’t require you to “manage” stress, age gracefully, and settle for finding scarce little moments to enjoy your life!

True success allows you to:
… get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the work you do AND the life you’ve created!
… enjoy your health, energy, and time to the fullest so you can do all those things you LOVE!
… and feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as you regain your confidence and control!

But here’s the rub:

Most successful, high-achieving women know what it takes to accomplish their big goals but hold back because they struggle to find a balance between work and life (without feeling guilty) leaving little time for themselves and for the people they love!

I discovered that reconnecting with my passion was the key to creating the balance I craved and enjoying the freedom I thought success would bring.

Now I build my life around my bliss without compromising business success or adding stress to an already busy schedule.

I love to travel.

I’ve been to 49 of the 50 United States (Alaska, here I come!) and 12 countries on five of the seven continents–and counting…

And I’ve personally experienced that it’s when you venture to places far from the familiarity of home, that you truly discover yourself. You come to understand how you see the world and your place in it. You experience your resourcefulness, strengths, fears and core beliefs with new perspective.

These insights bring clarity to perceived limitations – offering you a new way of being and unbounded potential.

Which is why I created my Signature Success System™.

It’s an absolute must for high-achieving professional women like you, who want to revamp your relationships and inner sense of self so you can finally restore the balance you crave and enjoy a love affair with your life!

This is a custom-created program which combines luxurious, restorative retreats (in incredible destinations around the globe) with truly transformative strategies and experiences to help you reconnect with your inner sexy self so you can reclaim your passion, take back your time, cultivate deeper relationships, and finally FULLY enjoy the fabulous life you’ve worked so hard to create!

After all, what’s the point of success if you don’t have the time (or energy) to enjoy it?

I invite you on a journey of self-discovery — an invitation to see yourself with new eyes, through new experiences.

Discover yourself as we explore the world…Together!