Take Back Your Time • Eliminate Overwhelm • Deepen Relationships

Create a Love Affair with your Life!

Take Back Your Time • Eliminate Overwhelm • Deepen Relationships

Create a Love Affair with your Life!

FREE Quiz for High-Achieving Women Who Want to Enjoy Success & Are Ready To:

Take Back Your Time · Deepen Relationships · Reclaim Your Energy
(Without Cramping Business Success or Adding Stress to An Already Busy Schedule)

I created this FREE quiz to help you identify YOUR unique Success Compass™ so you can navigate success on your terms and fully enjoy your incredible life.

Your Success. Your Life. Your Rules.

Hello Successful Sister,

While we may not have met personally, because you’re here, there are a few things I know about you:

I know you’re driven. People have accused you of being an over achiever — like that’s a bad thing!

I know that once you make a decision and set your eye on the prize, practically nothing gets in the way of you achieving your goal (and that’s really saying something, after all that you’ve accomplished!)

You love a challenge and when you’re passionate about what you’re working toward, you make it happen–even when others don’t believe it’s impossible.

Because “impossible” is not in your vocabulary!

You get sh*t done.

But lately, you’re realizing that…

Reaching your business goals hasn’t brought you the freedom you expected. You’ve spent decades tied to your laptop and iPhone… You feel like you always need to be available to the people who depend on you: like colleagues, clients, and staff, not to mention your spouse, your kids, family and friends …

Life can feel like a constant balancing act — like a stack of Jenga blocks — and you wake up each morning wondering if TODAY is the day someone pulls at the wrong block…causing it all to come tumbling down.

How do I know? Because I did too… Hi, I’m Paula Houlihan, founder of Paula Houlihan International and I know what it feels like to be disappointed by success, secretly wondering:

“Is this it? Is this really all there is?”

I suspect you’re here because the success you’ve achieved hasn’t brought you the freedom you want. And If we’re going to be truly honest…you’re not happy. Your old definition of success doesn’t fit anymore.

And hey, that’s not your fault! You followed the recipe for success to a T! You’ve just been given the wrong recipe that includes an outdated success model that wasn’t created for women in the first place!

I also know… You want more precious time with family and friends and time for yourself too! You crave a deeper connection with

your love, filled with passion and romance. And You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You want to feel vibrant and sexy again!

In other words…You want a love affair with your life!

Well, sister, let me tell you…

All that (and so much more) is waiting for you–you just have to learn how to ditch the old success model that’s left you feeling over worked and overwhelmed and create the balance that’s needed to enjoy life’s luxuries!

This is NOT about time management…It’s about putting YOU into the success equation! I’m excited to show you how!

I invite you to join me and successful sisters just like you…who want to take back time, revitalize energy, deepen your relationships and fully enjoy the life that you’ve been working so hard to build.

We are our own best experts.

But the challenge is drawing out the inner wisdom and removing the ‘shoulds’ that are hampering the full authentic you from shining through. This is important — I can identify at least 3-7 ‘shoulds’ for everyone I work with that are keeping them stuck from achieving their full potential and fully enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

Too often your ‘shoulds’ are running the show – directly influencing the decisions you make — from the simple to the significant.

Decisions dictate your destiny. They define your success.

Your Signature Strengths + your Core Values create what I call your Success Compass™. They:

  • Combine to create a unique expression of YOU
  • Are central to your personal identity
  • Come naturally to you, so they are easy use (You often don’t know you’re using them!)
  • Influence what matters most to you (and the choices you make)
  • Feel exhilarating and energizing when you use them – Putting you in your zone of genius!
  • Empower you to navigate success on your terms


Most people don’t know their strengths.

Research tells us that two-thirds of people are unaware of what their strengths and values are — which is why your strengths so often go undervalued and underused.


Your Success Compass™ helps you put your decisions and your success back in your hands — where it belongs.

When you activate your strengths and implement them implement in your daily life you:

Feel happier, more confident and connected to your passion
Enjoy a profound sense of satisfaction (ending the cycle of overwhelm and stress)
Deepen your relationships
Experience more of what you want in your life
Enjoy success on YOUR terms!


“Before coaching with Paula, I had many issues and emotional baggage with which I was struggling. I was unsure of where to turn until a friend of mine recommended Paula’s course. Even though it was out of my comfort zone, I signed up and it was the best decision of my life. Paula provided me with the tools and knowledge…Today I am a totally different person. I am confident and stronger. For the first time in my life, I love who I am.” 

Sandy Hoff

“Working with Paula was a totally new experience for me. There were some business goals I wanted to have more clarity with, one of them expanding my training; another being an effective presenter and communicator. There is a richness to Paula’s skills; she is genuine. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels muddled, stuck, wanting to learn to shift out of stress and be amazed when you find the key traits embodied in yourself as an individual. It’s exciting to know yourself better and perhaps discover someone beautiful just waiting inside.”

Linda Kieliszewski



Imagine a workday filled with flow and ease, time for self-care and the profound satisfaction of knowing that life is aligned with YOUR definition of success.

FREE Quiz for Ambitious Women Who Want to Enjoy Success and are Ready to Be… MORE of Themselves!

Learn how to create sustainable success while enjoying all the best things that life has to offer!

Hi, I’m Paula Houlihan!

As a mindset coach who has supported thousands of women around the world, I help ambitious, high-achieving, successful women reclaim their time and energy so they can enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

And right now–I know what you’re going through!

After leaving an abusive marriage and overcoming stage 4 adrenal fatigue, I can confidently say:

I know what it’s like to feel trapped by the life you’re living with just a faint hope that there is something better out there waiting for you.

But darling, there IS something better out there for you!

We just have to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from fully enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to build – relishing the freedom and satisfaction that you thought this level of success would bring you.
I discovered real success is not something you achieve. It’s a lifestyle — a way of being — and it begins with you. 

I invite you to Discover Yourself. Together we’ll explore what makes you truly happy and align with your inner Success Compass™ — so you can navigate success on YOUR terms and fully enjoy your incredible life.