Client Alchemy


Working with Paula Houlihan was such an eye opening and empowering experience. My perspective on my life and my path has never felt clearer or more certain. When I began working with Paula I was in a good place.

I had recently obtained the job of my dreams as a Personal Trainer; I had a wonderful relationship and was generally a happy person. The only issue that concerned me was growing my business so that the nagging fear of lack of income wouldn’t become a reality.

What I learned took me so far beyond growing my business. I found what my strengths are.

Not only what I was good at but what was important to me. I began exploring how my life, my career and my relationships matched up with my purpose.

She helped me realize how to apply those beliefs and strengths into my training business so that my business and I would thrive. I also discovered what was holding me back and how to change those things so that I can have the life I deserve and dream of. The future is an exciting and limitless opportunity that she has helped me see.

I have had the pleasure of working with Paula in other avenues. When she became a coach it seemed the most natural career choice. Paula has such a wonderful and gentle way of redirecting the perspective of a situation. She invokes the self-confidence of each individual with her genuine belief in them and their talents. I feel so blessed and lucky to call Paula my coach and my friend.

Christin Hankison

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Health and Fitness Headquarters

Linda Kieliszewski

Working with Paula was a total new experience for me. There were some business goals I wanted to have more clarity with, one of them expanding my training; another being an effective presenter/communicator.

Honestly, Paula embodied and modeled so beautifully my second goal that enriched every class beyond what I expected. She has a lovely presence of being able to listen and I remember these words coming out of her mouth on our first one on one coaching session – something I truly wanted for myself – that of being “authentic in regard to my work as an energy medicine practitioner, as well as in my daily life.”

As I look back, I know the great class activities provided synchronicities (we did an exercise in class that inspired me to sign up for a course I’d been wanting to take for 4-5 years) and that training has provided impetus for deeper results for my clients. Clients are giving me positive feedback about their sessions.

I’m only giving you the highlights as it was also a great interactive experience with the other class members. We would feed off each other. There is a richness to Paula’s skills; she is genuine. I highly recommend this class to anyone who feels muddled, stuck, wanting to learn to shift out of stress and be amazed when you find the key traits embodied in yourself as an individual. It’s exciting to know yourself better and perhaps discover someone beautiful just waiting inside.

Linda Kieliszewski

Owner, Holistic Health Services LLC
Certified BodyTalk System and Accunect Practitioner
Center for Health and Well Being

Lauren Ebbecke

Paula is an awesome, loving, authentic and yes, magical coach.

She is intuitive and guides my soul to brilliantly shine. I have had so many breakthroughs and have released many limiting beliefs coaching with her. Since working with Paula I have left my day job, my clients have increased, I am now working with JV partners and am leading my own retreat this fall.

Paula has guided every step of the way, mentoring me to manifest and receive abundance.

I had many shifts and transformations during the “Purpose and Prosperity Mastermind Retreat”. I now love myself and know that I deserve abundance, love, happiness and following my passions. I can’t thank Paula enough for all that she has done for me!

Thank you for bringing out my brilliance!

Lauren A Ebbecke

Extraordinary Wellness Shaman

Nancy Erickson

The Purpose and Prosperity Mastermind Retreat was filled with information, reflection, stretching of comfort zones and reflection of how I see and value myself.

I learned how to let go of thoughts and past memories to move forward with a better and clearer understanding of my life’s purpose.

If you are looking for clarity and growth attending this weekend retreat will provide it – but you must be open to receive. I learned life does not need to be hard.

It can be enjoyed!

Nancy Erickson

Sandy Hoff

Before coaching with Paula, I had many issues and emotional baggage with which I was struggling. Not only did I want to escape the abuse of others, but abusing myself as well.

I was unsure of where to turn until a friend of mine recommended Paula’s course. Even though it was out of my comfort zone, I signed up and it was the best decision of my life.

The coaching sessions were the answer to my prayers. Paula provided me with the tools and knowledge to work through my demons. She gave me food for thought, exercises to work through and an opportunity to express myself without judgment. There was a big improvement after each session.

Today I am a totally different person. I am confident and stronger. My issues and emotional baggage does not affect me anymore. For the first time in my life, I love who I am.

I am continually challenging myself stepping out of my comfort zone. Friends, family and co-workers continuously comment about a new energy and contentment that I possess. I am happy majority of the time and have a zest for life.

I never dreamed that I could ever feel this way.

I highly recommend Paula’s coaching.

Sandy Hoff

Tina Grezinski

Paula has opened many new doors for me to explore on my journey through life.

I am leaving past hurts and fears behind (one step at a time) to embrace the life I want to have and enjoy.

Paula is teaching me it is my right – and God’s will – to embrace pleasure, joy and abundance in life. It is OK for me to cry and be emotional – I am expressing my feelings. It is not wrong I am not wrong.

Thank you Paula!

Tina Grezinski

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