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Hi, I’m Paula Houlihan, The Money Alchemist, and I am so glad you’re here! You found this page because on some level you struggle with money.

• You’re living month to month, juggling your expenses.

• You’ve tried all the strategies and systems out there and yet you still feel stuck when it comes to attracting more clients and making more money.

• You generate a good income, but despite your best efforts you just can’t seem take your business to the next level.

There’s a lot you want to do like: Up-level your marketing; Reach and serve more clients; Upgrade your systems; Hire a team to support the expansion you crave for your business; AND do the all things that you love, but money consistently reigns you in.

You’re here because you are tired of the money merry-go-round. You want to slay your money dragons once and for all!

I can help you!

The reason you struggle with money isn’t because you’re doing something wrong. It isn’t because you’re on the wrong path or that it’s not the right time.

It’s because you’ve been misinformed! You’ve been trying to manifest more money through the very thinking that created your money struggles in the first place. Well, I say “No more!”

I can show you how to activate your money magic and awaken to the power that it holds for you!

I created this FREE Seminar to do just that.

Activate Your Money Magic ~ Create Prosperity with Joy, Gratitude and Ease.

Join me and discover what’s truly creating your money blocks!  
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You’ve been conditioned to believe that money is something you need to work hard for. That it exists outside of you and that your financial flow is directed by external circumstances over which you have no control.

When I learned what I’m going to reveal to you, my whole life changed!

Several years ago I was where you are. I used to wrestle with money. I worked very hard but couldn’t seem to get ahead. I lived paycheck to paycheck and often chose to do without because there were soooo many demands on my checkbook. I felt guilty if I spent money on myself and I was angry, frustrated and tired of always getting by. It seemed like I was constantly “catching up.” I spent a lot of time and energy worrying about money and my lack of it. It affected my health and my peace of mind.

Can you relate?

But then…

I discovered how my perspective and what I believed to be true about money had a direct effect on my finances and my prosperity. I learned how to tap into my money magic and understood how I can allow it to serve me instead of enslave me.

Now I live a life that before I only dreamed was possible. I run a successful business that both fulfills me and pays me well. I work with clients that I love. I contribute to charities that align with my purpose, creating an even bigger impact on the planet. I live in a beautiful home and I get to travel around the world (one of my passions)!

This is a picture of me and my husband on a recent trip we took to Ireland. We are standing in front of the ruins of his great grandparents’ homestead just outside of Kilrae in Northern Ireland.

I now have the life that I dreamed was possible and I want the same for you!

Let’s get started on your path to a new relationship with money! It’s time to discover how to exchange worry and stress for gratitude and joy. You will open up whole new channels to your money flow by discovering the magic money holds for you.

In this highly informative call you will learn:

√ Why you struggle with money and how you can release yourself from the spell of financial lack
√ The mystical lessons of money and how it’s trying to serve you
√ How to create prosperity through joy, gratitude and ease
√ 3 key money blocks and how they affect your financial flow
√ How I can help you get on the fast-track to the prosperity you desire.
√ And more!

Your first step is here, right now! Begin your journey to a new and abundant relationship with money!

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I am excited to share the wealth of information I have discovered on my path.
If you are here, then you are a woman with divine gifts and a purpose.
If you struggle at all with money, you will find it difficult live your purpose.
The life and business success you want is waiting for you.

It is calling to you. NOW is your time! Embrace it.

Transformationally yours,

Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist