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PH-019Paula Houlihan is The Money Alchemist, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and that includes your relationship with money!

A coach, award winning speaker and author, Paula helps her clients find their “inner magic” that unique part of who you are (some call it your purpose) which makes you sparkle, so you stand out in a crowd.

Paula teaches you how be seen, be heard and bedazzle your brilliance so money and clients can find you!

One of the biggest blocks to success is confusing who you think you should be with who you are. Paula teaches you how to slay your money dragons and release the spell of fear and self-doubt that keep you stuck. She shows you how to find your bliss and build your business and life around it. Paula knows that when you align with your purpose, magic happens!

A survivor of domestic abuse and stage 4 adrenal fatigue, Paula understands what it’s like to be afraid, to be seen and to speak your truth. When she realized the choices she was making were literally killing her, she knew she had to face her fears and choose differently, despite what people would think and not knowing how it would all work out.

Recognizing that other women, like you, are stuck in similar situations: relationships that don’t serve you, trapped in jobs you don’t like because you need the money and living a life that is less than your extraordinary self, it is Paula’s passion to empower women around the world to stand in your truth and support you in creating the life you want and feel called to live.

Paula is, an award winning speaker, business coach, author and founder of Awake In Life Coaching and Paula is a certified Intrinsic Life Coach. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is a life-time member of Psi Chi, the international honor society for Psychology.