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Why You Procrastinate (and 4 Simple Steps to Overcome It!)

Time And Money

They say “time is money” and a common money struggle I see with soul-centered entrepreneurs is procrastination. Today I’m going to reveal why you procrastinate and 4 simple steps to overcome it!

Procrastinating can look like this:


  • Never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done
  • Delay making decisions (wanting ALL the information before making a final choice.  I call this research-itis!)
  • Aren’t quite sure why, but you JUST CAN’T seem to make yourself do what you need to do (and get frustrated with yourself when you don’t)
  • Feel the need to take class, after class, earning just about every degree, designation, certificate, and training that’s out there before you feel qualified 
  • Pour more and more money into your business without seeing it pay off

People who procrastinate tend to be perfectionists (I know, because I’m one too!)

The interesting thing about procrastination is that it’s a symptom of what’s REALLY going on…under the surface, where your subconscious is dictates your behavior. That’s why so many of you are struggling to figure out why you’re not doing what you “know” you need to do!

Common reasons you procrastinate are:

  • You want to know EXACTLY how things are going to work before you start (You want to feel safe and confident that you know what you’re doing)
  • Stuff pops up, needing you to put things off for “just one more day” (a sign that you may need to work on your boundaries or gain clarity about why you’re doing this work in the first place)
  • You fear failure, so you spend a lot of time analyzing the risks, pay offs and possible outcomes before taking that first step.  
  • Alternatively you have a fear of success.  The uncertainty of who you will need to become and what you will need to do or have to support the growth you’re working toward can be scary!
  • You don’t have enough money (or time) to take the steps you want to take to support the growth you want (this is often a cleverly disguised procrastination technique that appears to be “responsible.”)

The good news is you can easily overcome procrastination once you discover why you’re facing these “struggles” in the first place.  

How do you discover them?

1.  Take an honest look and evaluate what you want and the actions you are taking (or not taking) to achieve it.  

2.  Notice what your patterns are.  Over the next couple of weeks watch how you use your time, where you spend your money and what you let get in the way of doing what-ever it is you’ve been putting off.  No judgment here, just good old curiosity.  You can journal your findings or simply jot them down in a notebook as they come up.  

3.  Review your notes and look for a common theme.  Is there a particular belief you have that made you choose one thing over another?  For example, the idea that you have to work hard to be successful can prevent you from moving forward.  (If you believe overcoming struggle is a part of being successful you will subconsciously create obstacles to overcome in your business).  Perhaps there’s a relationship issue (with a person, a situation or the environment that you’re in) that’s revealing itself through your choices.  Likely, there are several themes you’re dealing with.  

This is where having a coach is helpful.  As a coach, I help my clients see the real thinking that is going on behind their choices (often subconsciously) that can present itself as procrastination.

4. Choose differently.  Now that you’re starting to see what you’re REALLY bumping up against, you have the power to make a different choice (instead of wasting time beating yourself up and wondering why you’re procrastinating!).  

Maybe your goal is what needs to change.  Sometimes your “shoulds” can make you think you want something that’s not in alignment with what’s truly important to you.  Or, maybe the way you are trying to structure your time doesn’t fit well with your natural rhythm or your lifestyle.  

Whatever you discover is your “issue”, the magic to take you from feeling STUCK to financially FREE lies in bringing conscious awareness to why you procrastinate in the first place and making the decision to choose differently.

 Cheers to getting stuff done!



Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist