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Two Speed Bumps on the Road to Success: Self-Doubt and Uncertainty

Self-Doubt & UncertaintyThere are two speed bumps on the road to success:  Self-Doubt and Uncertainty.

They are the crusher of dreams.

This pair will cause you to question:

Can I really live my dream life?  Is it possible?  Do I deserve it?

And when the road gets bumpy . . . Is the Universe trying to tell me it’s just not meant to be?

Is it worth it???

You are an entrepreneur because the j-o-b model doesn’t fit you.   You want to live your life on your terms and have the freedom to choose who you work with, what you do and where you do it (cubicles give you claustrophobia!)

The likelihood of your success (or failure) depends on how you handle your speed bumps and whether you bottom out.

Two Speed Bumps on the Road to Success:


Self-doubt questions whether you are qualified to do your work.  It asks why you think you’re special.  Why you dare to want more, BE different, and choose not to work a job like everyone else.

It causes you to fall back into old patterns of thinking, beliefs that try to convince you that you’re being selfish, irresponsible or even foolish.  Self doubt looks at what is merely apparent and tries to explain why your dreams can’t work for you.


Uncertainty on the other hand is the fear of the unknown.  It questions EVERYTHING!  It’s always asking “What if?”  What if I can’t find clients to fill my program?  What if someone thinks I’m unqualified, too expensive, not worth it (you name it)?  What if I can’t pay my bills?  What if I fail? Or. . .What if I succeed?

Because you haven’t achieved what you desire before, there’s a LOT that you don’t know (like who you’ll have to become to be successful, how your life might change, or what will be expected of you) it can feel scary, like driving down the road without headlights.  You can’t see what’s coming or where you’re going.

Paving a Clear Road to Success

Many of you have never operated a business before.  Business models and marketing plans can feel a bit overwhelming and sales…well…let’s just say most of you feel uncomfortable selling.

In a world spouting statistics of low success rates for small businesses (it’s estimated that 56% fail in the first 5 years), it’s important to look at WHY you’re in business in the first place (or why you want to start a business) to address these concerns.

Your Special WHY

So…WHY do you do it?  Because you want to help people and you want to make a difference in the world.

The special WHY you’re in business is unique to you.  It grows from your heart’s calling, some call this your purpose, I call it your inner magic.  It’s the essence of you that calls to be expressed and shared with others (something only you can offer).

Your why is expressed in your Purposeyour gifts and talents), Mission (putting your purpose into action) and Vision (the impact you want to make).

Together they act as a compass for what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, where you’re going and the impact you want to create.

When you keep your WHY in mind, magic happens!

Suddenly you shift your focus from you and your fears (all that self-doubt and uncertainty) to your clients and the transformation you will bring them (the ways you will make their life better!)

Using your Purpose, Mission and Vision as road signs along your way, you’ll be sure to pave a clear path to success.  And, if those pesky speed bumps do happen to pop up, your WHY will prevent you from bottoming out!

The Power of Thought: Your Thinking Can Make or Break Your Business

68 Seconds to Manifest What You WantToday we’re going to talk about the power of thought: Your thinking CAN make or break your business.

Did you know that it only takes 68 seconds of pure, focused thought to activate the Universe to manifest what you want?

Astounding I know!  So if it’s this easy, why are so many people struggling?  BECAUSE most people focus their thoughts on what they DON’T want, and they don’t even know it.

Let me explain.  Typically when I ask a client what they want, I get responses like “I don’t want to be in debt;”  “I want to up-level my business and serve more clients;” or “I want more time for myself and my family.”  On the surface, it would appear they are describing what they want but if you look closer…you’ll see, these statements actually focus on what they DON’T want.

Let’s break these down:

1.  “I don’t want to be in debt.”

This statement is completely focused on what you don’t want:  debt.

When asked to rephrase this statement, I often hear something like “I want to be debt free,” but to be debt free, means to be free of debt.  The focus is still on the debt you don’t want.

Another rephrased statement I get is “I want financial freedom.”  Closer, but this also states that you want to be free from something (usually debt or worrying about money) which is a subtle way of focusing on what you DON’T want.  Tricky, I know.

Focusing on what you want is not as simple as it would seem to be.  That’s because you’ve been conditioned to think in terms of scarcity and lack.  To rephrase this statement, simply focus your thoughts on prosperity, and all that being prosperous means to you.

2.  “I want to up-level my business and serve more clients”

The statement is more subtle.  On it’s face, it appears that you are saying what you want: to up-level your business and serve more clients. BUT (you knew a but was coming)…it is actually focusing on where your business isn’t and the desire to have more clients.  (Whenever you use the word “more” you’re identifying a level of lack.) There’s an implication that there’s not enough.

Another way to restate this “want” is:  bliss.  Bliss is the joy you feel when you are doing what you love and making a difference in someone else’s life.

3.  “I want more time for myself and my family”

Which brings us to the third example.  Have you figured out what the focus of this statement is?  Lack of time.  Remember what I said about the word “more?”   This statement implies that there is a lack of time.  Lack is a limiting, scarcity way of thinking.

Alternatively, what you truly want is:  love.  You want to be with the people you care about and share the love you feel for them, and from them.  And you want to take care of your body, develop your mind and connect with your spirit.

The power of thought: Your thinking CAN make or break your business.

To quote an old adage: “What you think about, you bring about.”

When you focus on what you don’t want (whether you are consciously aware of it or not) you activate the Universe to manifest more of it.

I heard Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley, speak about the early years of what is now a multi-million dollar business.  He said that when he first started, he used to brag to his friends about the cup of Starbucks coffee that his $4 a week profit bought him.  And when those profits increased, he celebrated with a Subway sandwich AND a Starbucks coffee, with whipped cream!

THIS is what I’m talking about.  Focusing on what you want brings more of what you want!  Vishen focused on what his business was generating.  He celebrated it!  He didn’t think, “Oh what will I do?  I ONLY made $4 this week.”  He thought “YES!  MY business has generated enough profit this week to buy me a Starbucks coffee, which I LOVE!”  Is it any wonder his business is where it is today?

When you focus on where your business isn’t yet, on the clients that you don’t have or on the money you aren’t making, your thinking will perpetuate what you are already experiencing…a lack of what you want.  Your thoughts can make or break your business.  

It’s time to retrain your brain!

So how do you focus pure thought to activate the universe to manifest what you want?  Learn how to control your thinking.

Ask yourself “What am I wanting?” and see what thoughts come up.  If you notice your thoughts are focused on what you don’t want, recognize that there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just the way you’ve been conditioned to think, and simply choose a new thought that focuses on what you DO want.

Then, think only about what you want, for 68 seconds.  Infuse your thoughts with what it feels like to have that (what ever that is for you) as part of your new life, your new reality.  “See” yourself in your mind’s eye living it, experiencing it, BEing it.

This also may not be as easy as it would appear.  In addition to being conditioned to focus on lack and scarcity, most of us are not taught how to focus our thinking.  Focus is a way of exercising your brain.  It may take some practice.

If this is you, no worries, start out by setting a timer for 17 seconds and build from there. According to the Law of Attraction, 17 seconds of continued focus elevates the vibration of a thought to the next level of manifesting, connecting it with other thoughts that support your desire and increasing it’s power with each 17 second increment.  68 seconds of continuous, focused thought brings what you want into the “seen” world and the realm of probability.

Do this every day and watch what “appears” for you, including inspired thought and opportunities that help you to bring what you want into your life.

The Universe works in co-creative partnership with you.  You tell it, through your thoughts and actions, what you want and it gives you the opportunities to make it happen.  Every YES you tell the Universe, through the thoughts you think, the choices you make and the actions you take toward making what you want a reality in your life, brings more and more opportunities to manifest it.

Your thoughts are POWERFUL!  Use them wisely.

Pay attention to what you are thinking.  Choose only the thoughts that support what you want.  Follow inspiration, take advantage of the opportunities that the Universe brings you and watch your business grow.

Why You Procrastinate (and 4 Simple Steps to Overcome It!)

Time And Money

They say “time is money” and a common money struggle I see with soul-centered entrepreneurs is procrastination. Today I’m going to reveal why you procrastinate and 4 simple steps to overcome it!

Procrastinating can look like this:


  • Never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done
  • Delay making decisions (wanting ALL the information before making a final choice.  I call this research-itis!)
  • Aren’t quite sure why, but you JUST CAN’T seem to make yourself do what you need to do (and get frustrated with yourself when you don’t)
  • Feel the need to take class, after class, earning just about every degree, designation, certificate, and training that’s out there before you feel qualified 
  • Pour more and more money into your business without seeing it pay off

People who procrastinate tend to be perfectionists (I know, because I’m one too!)

The interesting thing about procrastination is that it’s a symptom of what’s REALLY going on…under the surface, where your subconscious is dictates your behavior. That’s why so many of you are struggling to figure out why you’re not doing what you “know” you need to do!

Common reasons you procrastinate are:

  • You want to know EXACTLY how things are going to work before you start (You want to feel safe and confident that you know what you’re doing)
  • Stuff pops up, needing you to put things off for “just one more day” (a sign that you may need to work on your boundaries or gain clarity about why you’re doing this work in the first place)
  • You fear failure, so you spend a lot of time analyzing the risks, pay offs and possible outcomes before taking that first step.  
  • Alternatively you have a fear of success.  The uncertainty of who you will need to become and what you will need to do or have to support the growth you’re working toward can be scary!
  • You don’t have enough money (or time) to take the steps you want to take to support the growth you want (this is often a cleverly disguised procrastination technique that appears to be “responsible.”)

The good news is you can easily overcome procrastination once you discover why you’re facing these “struggles” in the first place.  

How do you discover them?

1.  Take an honest look and evaluate what you want and the actions you are taking (or not taking) to achieve it.  

2.  Notice what your patterns are.  Over the next couple of weeks watch how you use your time, where you spend your money and what you let get in the way of doing what-ever it is you’ve been putting off.  No judgment here, just good old curiosity.  You can journal your findings or simply jot them down in a notebook as they come up.  

3.  Review your notes and look for a common theme.  Is there a particular belief you have that made you choose one thing over another?  For example, the idea that you have to work hard to be successful can prevent you from moving forward.  (If you believe overcoming struggle is a part of being successful you will subconsciously create obstacles to overcome in your business).  Perhaps there’s a relationship issue (with a person, a situation or the environment that you’re in) that’s revealing itself through your choices.  Likely, there are several themes you’re dealing with.  

This is where having a coach is helpful.  As a coach, I help my clients see the real thinking that is going on behind their choices (often subconsciously) that can present itself as procrastination.

4. Choose differently.  Now that you’re starting to see what you’re REALLY bumping up against, you have the power to make a different choice (instead of wasting time beating yourself up and wondering why you’re procrastinating!).  

Maybe your goal is what needs to change.  Sometimes your “shoulds” can make you think you want something that’s not in alignment with what’s truly important to you.  Or, maybe the way you are trying to structure your time doesn’t fit well with your natural rhythm or your lifestyle.  

Whatever you discover is your “issue”, the magic to take you from feeling STUCK to financially FREE lies in bringing conscious awareness to why you procrastinate in the first place and making the decision to choose differently.

 Cheers to getting stuff done!



Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist


How Past Lives Affect Your Prosperity + What To Do About It

You want more prosperity and yet you feel limited by something you can’t quite put your finger on.
You’ve done a lot of personal growth work and despite your best efforts you’re still hitting an upper limit.
There seems to be a financial “set point” that you can’t crack.
I’m about to reveal one of the most under examined hidden prosperity drainers that keep you stuck, so you can finally have the break through you’ve been looking for!
What is it?  Well…what I’m about to share with you may seem unbelievable.  But stay with me.   It can really make a difference for you if you open up to the idea.
It’s your past lives.
What?  Past lives and prosperity?  You got it!  But what have past lives got to do with prosperity?
Before I answer that, I’d like to share an ocean experience I had in Kauai as an example of how your past life can “show up” in your present life.
I had an opportunity to go snorkeling in the ocean as part of a business retreat.  1973579_10203118238770623_302637386445186597_o

I was excited for the chance to experience nature in a new way and to blast through any upper limits.
I want to take my business to the next level. (There’s nothing like going to the edge to help with rapid expansion.)
AND I just wanted to have some fun!
I envisioned myself frolicking with the fishes and sea turtles bringing out my playful inner mermaid.
This was NOT what happened.
The first time I put my mask and snorkel on it triggered a gag reflex and a sensation of being smothered.
I immediately pulled the gear off my head and gasped for air.  Try two: same result.  Try three:  you guessed it.  This cycle went on for about 10 minutes.
I began to cry.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t do something as simple as wear a mask and snorkel and breathe.  The biggest frustration was that I didn’t know why I couldn’t.  I felt out of control.
Stubbornly I sat on the edge of the water determined to get over my suffocation-gag reflex.  My snorkel instructor stayed with me and talked me through the process of how to breathe through a snorkel until I stopped gagging and felt ready to take it into the water.
I’ve heard the phrase up-level new devil.  That just begins to describe what happened next.
I got into the ocean and before I could say “snorkel” a big wave came in and whisked me off my feet.  A new panic!  I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me and I felt completely out of control.
Suddenly I was being tossed about like a rag doll.  I felt very small and powerless.  I was at the whim of the ocean and there was nothing I could do about it.  This time my feeling of being out of control took a giant leap.
My instructor continued to assure me that I was safe.  After much focused centering, forcing myself to relax into the waves, I was finally able to try swimming with my flippers.  Then came the moment of truth…snorkel time.
Confident I had mastered my gag and suffocation response to the mask and snorkel, I followed my guide’s instructions to put on my gear and my head under the water.
For a brief moment I saw the underwater world open up to me.  It was wonderful, then suddenly, salty sea water began to leak into my snorkel.  That feeling of suffocation quickly resurfaced!
I frantically pulled my head out of the water and threw off my mask gasping for air. With the calming assurance of my instructor, I regained my composure and attempted to put my head back under the water again….and again.  Salt water leaked into my snorkel each time and the sensation of suffocating increased exponentially with each try.
Very real and clear memories (not from this lifetime) began to flood over me.  Like post-traumatic stress I experienced flashbacks.  I saw and physically felt myself being strangled, drowned, and hung, all experiences of complete helplessness and utter loss of control.
It was as if I was there, reliving those moments, caught up in a whirlwind of past lives in which I was killed for living and speaking my truth.
When I brought my head above water and removed my mask for the final time, the sensation of being unable to breathe continued.  It didn’t make sense because there was nothing to obstruct my breathing.  I was having a panic attack.   Talk about feeling out of control!
My instructor and coach came to my aide.  They supported and held me in the water as they guided me back to breathing.  But for the remainder of the day and the day to follow, the memories stayed with me and it physically felt as if someone was actually strangling and suffocating me.  I felt like I was trying to breathe out of a straw.
I had to remind myself that despite the very strong feeling of being choked and smothered, I was not being attacked and that I could breathe.
It was a very surreal experience and it made me realize that I have a strong need to feel in control on a real survival level.
I also recognized that this fear had triggered a BIG survival mentality in my money and prosperity.  Increased prosperity meant increased responsibility, for my life, for my choices, and for speaking and living my purpose.
My fear of what others will think (and how they’ll respond) fed the illusion of control.  The need to control disguised itself, making it feel responsible and practical to put things off.  I wanted to feel “ready” before taking that next bold step (sound familiar?)
The truth is you never feel “ready”.  Ready comes with the act of doing.
It was only in witnessing my fear, seeing what it looked like, discovering where it came from and understanding its purpose that I am now able to release it and break free from the patterns it presented (the cycle of feeling stuck and putting things off).
Control can show up as:
  • needing to be perfect
  • procrastination
  • desire to know all the answers (all the possible outcomes) before starting
  • resistance
  • feeling stuck (and not knowing how to move past it)
  • playing small
What is a past life?  It’s a soul memory which has carried into your current lifetime.  It weaves itself into your present experience in ways that are both familiar and hidden.
Past lives can express themselves as:
  • a memory
  • a physical sensation
  • an intuitive feeling
  • an imprint
  • a pattern of behavior
  • a belief
  • a fear
Past lives don’t have to be something that you see (although you can experience them this way, as I did).  Most often they run under the surface as a feeling that you don’t understand but recognize the patterns that they produce all too well.
So how do your past lives affect your money and prosperity?
  1. If you’re stuck in past life energy it affects your current money expression.  This can present as a money pattern that you can’t seem to break (like being able to manifest money but not being able to hold onto it).
  2. Living in past life energy inhibits your ability to share your gifts and live your purpose.  If you’re living in the energy of a past life, you can’t fully live your purpose in this life.
  3. Past lives often include past vows and agreements which, if unresolved, can carry over into this lifetime directly affecting your prosperity.  The vow of poverty is a common one for soul-centered entrepreneurs.
This experience reinforced what I know to be true: Your fear holds the key to your freedom. 
So what can you do about it?
  1. Identify patterns that keep you stuck and help you feel “safe”.  Where do they come from?  What message are they trying to tell you?
  2. Recognize vows that you may have brought into this lifetime.  These can show up as beliefs about money and what it means to be prosperous.
  3.  Decide to release what no longer serves you (beliefs and vows that you have been carrying) and clear the energy they hold.
Writing them down and burying them in the ground giving them over to mother earth to transmute and recycle their energy is a good way to clear.  You can also flush them down the toilet!  (Be sure to use biodegradable paper)
You must face and allow yourself to sit with your fear to understand it.  Only in understanding it can you release the power it has over you.
Recognize your fear for what it is, where it comes from and what it is trying to show you.  Clear the energy: the old story that perpetuates the fear; and create a new story to live in.
This is the difference between victim conscious, which keeps you stuck and small, and living an empowered and prosperous life!
Transformationally yours,
Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist

Vulnerability – Your Secret Strength

shutterstock_67434730 (2)

Vulnerability is a word most business women don’t want to admit to having.  There’s a connotation of weakness in the word. In truth, vulnerability is your secret strength.

Vulnerability is the state you feel when you have been challenged, when you feel exposed for all the world to see.  Your natural tendency is to guard your openness, even hide it.  You want to protect it, like the wound it appears to be, when in fact it reveals the beautiful, juicy, tender truth of who you are.

Somewhere along the line you have been taught to judge yourself.  You have accepted ideas about who you should be, how you should behave and what you ought to do.  You’ve been conditioned to look at yourself through the lens of how you think others perceive you and you’ve created boundaries to protect yourself from the fear of getting hurt or being rejected.

Nothing challenges your boundaries more than having your own business.  You’ve basically set yourself up for rejection.  In fact, you can pretty much expect to experience rejection on a regular basis.  That’s why so many of you shy away from sales conversations.  It’s the perfect opportunity to be told “no.”  This can trigger many fears like: “Is what I’m offering valuable?”  “Do I charge too much?”  “Is my business going to make it?”

Worse than a straight out “no” is a “yes” that turns into a “no.”   There was a time when such a response would put me on an emotional roller coaster.  First, my excitement would spike from the “yes” because I saw it as proof that what I offered was valuable and needed.

That “yes” fed my dreams and hopes of having a successful business. It added validation to what I was doing and told me that all I envisioned was possible.  I would fly high, only to plummet to self-doubt and fear when that “yes” shifted to a “no” (usually within a day or two).

Sometimes the “yes-no” came with a “Thank you, but I’ve had a change of heart” or “I’ve just decided it’s not the right time after all.”  Sometimes it came with no explanation at all.  If this hasn’t happened to you yet . . .wait. . . it will.  It’s inevitable when you’re in business long enough.  It’s not that clients are mean or fickle, they’re simply facing their fears, just like you, and they’re struggling to move past them.

In those times I felt vulnerable.  I had dared to step outside my boundaries, outside my comfort zone, to pursue a dream.  What was I thinking?  My “no’s” made me want to pack it up.  Go back to a “steady” day job and settle for less than what I dreamed.  It felt safe.  It felt comfortable.  It certainly fit within the shell I created, the boundaries that I put up to protect myself from hurt, from disappointment and from failure.

What I have since discovered is while our boundaries keep us feeling safe, they also keep us small.  They stop you from taking “risks” and from following your heart.  They limit your opportunities because what you dream about waits outside your comfort zone.  If it didn’t we’d all be living extraordinary lives.

It’s your vulnerability that cracks those boundaries wide open!  It breaks apart the limited beliefs and self-doubts that keep you stuck.  It’s the willingness to let your dreams, your vision and your hopes be exposed that allows you to make them real.  It’s also the first step in discovering your secret strength ~ knowing that your value, your success and your truth are not dependent upon anyone other than you.

Vulnerability is not something to hide, or to shy away from.  It’s an opportunity to be willing to expose what you desire, to take a stand for what you want, and BE that.  No more worries about what other people will think!  No emotional attachment to the “yes’s” and the “no’s”! After all the fears and boundaries fall away, what you are left with is the pure desire to BE your brilliance and be of service in the way only you can.

I had a “yes-turned-no” just a few weeks ago.  After discussing payment options and drafting her contract she thanked me for my time and the insights that she gained during her consultation but had decided to work with another coach.

Was I upset?  No!  I was honestly excited to see that she was still moving forward with coaching, something she clearly identified she needed and wanted in her consultation.  I was concerned for her and the unexpected change of mind.  I offered her the opportunity to consult again (my gift) to support her in exploring her shift in decision.  She didn’t respond.

I don’t know why she changed her mind and that’s OK.  I could have taken it personally.  I could have felt rejected.  I could have made it all about me.  I didn’t.  I don’t need to.  It wasn’t about me.  It was about supporting my client in making a clear decision that is in alignment with her truth and what she needs.

I’ve embraced my vulnerability.  I’ve discovered the truth of who I am.  I know my value and my vision.  I don’t need the validation of others to believe in and pursue my dreams.

I’m not saying it was an easy lesson to learn.  What I can tell you is that once you’ve embraced your vulnerability, you can truly be of service . . . because there’s no attachment to the outcome.  You understand that you aren’t meant to help everyone.  BE your brilliance and the people you are here to serve will find you.  Those who say “no” are just meant to work with someone else.

Embrace your vulnerability.  It truly is your secret strength.

Are You Ready For Success?

dreamstimefree_8958081You created a business that expresses your gifts and talents, what I call your inner magic.  You desire the time freedom and the financial freedom that being your own boss can give you.  And yet, with each level you create within your business, you find yourself bumping up against an unseen barrier.   It’s not an income glass ceiling kind-of-a-thing.  This one feels like a BIG brick wall that stops you in your tracks.  It drains your energy and it’s preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

This brick wall can show itself as: friction in friendships; arguments with a spouse; a messy desk and an unorganized calendar; forgetting appointments; self-doubt and second guessing your purpose; reduced zeal for your work and having little to no energy to be consistent in your marketing.  It can show itself as not having enough time in the day to get your work done or enough money in the bank to hire the staff you need to get where you’re going.  The question I have for you is “Are you ready for success?”

This seems like an easy question to answer, but it’s not.  Logically you want to be ready for success.  You didn’t create your business to fail.  What’s happening is there’s something running underneath the surface of your thinking that’s sabotaging your dream for success.  There’s a lot going on behind that big brick wall that you don’t know about.  And because you don’t know, what’s unknown raises a lot of questions like: “What beliefs about myself will I have to change to get there?”  “Who will I be?”  “How will this affect my relationships?”  “Who am I after I let go of the fears that define me?”  “What will my life look like?”

These can be scary questions, ones that you probably haven’t thought about before nor have the answers to.  Here’s the thing.  You can’t create the success you want for your business unless you’re willing to peel away those old ideas about who you are.  You must be willing to release old judgments of yourself and allow the freedom to be different.  If you don’t change the way you’re doing things, allow the brilliance of who you are to truly come out and shine (and that means letting go of all those “safe” masks you hide behind) then you won’t be able to change your current business experience.

Einstein said that to keep doing the same things while expecting different results was the very definition of insanity.  You cannot grow your business without growing yourself first.   Any attempt to fit into an idea about whom you think you should be (like who you think your clients want you to be or what your family and friends expect of you) is adding another brick to that big invisible wall.  It’s another way you hide.  Getting to know who you are, what’s important to you and standing in your power is nothing to be afraid of.

Will it affect your relationships?  Absolutely!  This is a good thing.  As you become more empowered in the brilliance and gift of who you are, who and what you are here to BE, the relationships that are no longer a match to you will fall away.  It’s ok.  It’s their path…and it’s yours.  Think of it like a Feng shui clearing.  It makes room for the people you are meant to be with now (the clients that you are here to serve and the new relationships which are waiting for you).  Added bonus:  The current relationships you have that are a true match to you will grow even stronger.  It’s all good and it’s all as it should be.

Who will you be without your fears to define you?  The YOU that you know you can be, that you dream of becoming.  What will your life look like?  Exactly how you want it to be because you will create a life that reflects and expresses your vision, what’s important to you and the way you truly want to live.

So what’s creating your big invisible brick wall?  What’s holding you back from taking those next steps and being more of who you are and sharing what you are here to do with the people you are here to serve?  Honestly ask yourself:  “Are you ready for success?”  The answers you seek are waiting for you.  Gift yourself with the time to explore them and watch your business grow!

Transformationally yours,

Paula Houlihan

The Money Alchemist