Are You Ready For Success?

dreamstimefree_8958081You created a business that expresses your gifts and talents, what I call your inner magic.  You desire the time freedom and the financial freedom that being your own boss can give you.  And yet, with each level you create within your business, you find yourself bumping up against an unseen barrier.   It’s not an income glass ceiling kind-of-a-thing.  This one feels like a BIG brick wall that stops you in your tracks.  It drains your energy and it’s preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

This brick wall can show itself as: friction in friendships; arguments with a spouse; a messy desk and an unorganized calendar; forgetting appointments; self-doubt and second guessing your purpose; reduced zeal for your work and having little to no energy to be consistent in your marketing.  It can show itself as not having enough time in the day to get your work done or enough money in the bank to hire the staff you need to get where you’re going.  The question I have for you is “Are you ready for success?”

This seems like an easy question to answer, but it’s not.  Logically you want to be ready for success.  You didn’t create your business to fail.  What’s happening is there’s something running underneath the surface of your thinking that’s sabotaging your dream for success.  There’s a lot going on behind that big brick wall that you don’t know about.  And because you don’t know, what’s unknown raises a lot of questions like: “What beliefs about myself will I have to change to get there?”  “Who will I be?”  “How will this affect my relationships?”  “Who am I after I let go of the fears that define me?”  “What will my life look like?”

These can be scary questions, ones that you probably haven’t thought about before nor have the answers to.  Here’s the thing.  You can’t create the success you want for your business unless you’re willing to peel away those old ideas about who you are.  You must be willing to release old judgments of yourself and allow the freedom to be different.  If you don’t change the way you’re doing things, allow the brilliance of who you are to truly come out and shine (and that means letting go of all those “safe” masks you hide behind) then you won’t be able to change your current business experience.

Einstein said that to keep doing the same things while expecting different results was the very definition of insanity.  You cannot grow your business without growing yourself first.   Any attempt to fit into an idea about whom you think you should be (like who you think your clients want you to be or what your family and friends expect of you) is adding another brick to that big invisible wall.  It’s another way you hide.  Getting to know who you are, what’s important to you and standing in your power is nothing to be afraid of.

Will it affect your relationships?  Absolutely!  This is a good thing.  As you become more empowered in the brilliance and gift of who you are, who and what you are here to BE, the relationships that are no longer a match to you will fall away.  It’s ok.  It’s their path…and it’s yours.  Think of it like a Feng shui clearing.  It makes room for the people you are meant to be with now (the clients that you are here to serve and the new relationships which are waiting for you).  Added bonus:  The current relationships you have that are a true match to you will grow even stronger.  It’s all good and it’s all as it should be.

Who will you be without your fears to define you?  The YOU that you know you can be, that you dream of becoming.  What will your life look like?  Exactly how you want it to be because you will create a life that reflects and expresses your vision, what’s important to you and the way you truly want to live.

So what’s creating your big invisible brick wall?  What’s holding you back from taking those next steps and being more of who you are and sharing what you are here to do with the people you are here to serve?  Honestly ask yourself:  “Are you ready for success?”  The answers you seek are waiting for you.  Gift yourself with the time to explore them and watch your business grow!

Transformationally yours,

Paula Houlihan

The Money Alchemist

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Success?

  1. Nadia

    Paula, I love your blog post and I love your website. Your bedazzle. It’s beautiful. Makes my heart smile. You are so right with that invisible brickwall. I am taking the time to make sure I am dismantling it 🙂

    1. Paula Houlihan Post author

      Fabulous Nazdia! I’m excited for you as you dismantle your brick wall. It’s amazing what you can find hidden behind it. Wahoo!


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