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You have a strong desire that calls you to become a greater version of yourself.


  • Are ready to upsurge into your next level of success and prosperity
  • Crave expansion (You want more of life and all it has to offer!)
  • Want to make a profound difference in the lives of the people you touch (and in the world)

But sometimes taking the BIG leap toward your desires can feel difficult.

I’m here to dispel the illusion that you have to work hard, sacrifice or compromise ANY part of yourself to achieve the level of success and prosperity you want.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a woman on her career path, or want to be the best homemaker on the planet, there’s a new road to success that invites you to live, work and play in the flow of synchronicity.  It asks only that you BE who you truly are (not who you or others think you “should” be).

So if you’re tired of compromising your self, sick of the struggle and self sacrifice and READY to:

  • Up-level your wealth
  • Find balance (and time for you!) in your day
  • Gain a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment

In a way that feels good, aligned with what is truly important to you AND excites you,

I can show you how.

There’s a new paradigm of success. It’s a feminine path to prosperity that calls you to live authentically and create success and wealth in a way that feels supportive, aligned, easy, invigorating and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, if you’re like so many women I know, striving for success can feel like:
Overwhelm…Exhaustion…Hormonal Imbalance….Stress….Health Issues….Fatigue….and the list goes on.

Intuitively this path feels out of balance and is in direct opposition to the bliss-filled, freedom-based lifestyle you crave.

This is the old paradigm of success.   It’s not sustainable.  It’s debilitating (to you and to the planet).  And it’s exhausting!   But it’s not the only way…

I learned the hard way what the toll of following the old success path can cost.  After many years of climbing the corporate ladder, I developed stage four adrenal fatigue.  By the time I turned in my notice I hardly had the strength to sit up in a chair!

My health issues forced me to leave my “successful” career in the corporate world.  (I was earning really good money, regularly promoted and had the respect of my colleagues.)   But deep down I knew there had to be a better way …and that’s when I began following the Feminine Path to Success and Prosperity.

I reevaluated my life and I began making choices from what is truly important to me.
Life hasn’t been the same since!

I discovered the key to living a truly prosperous life lies in discovering your purpose — your bliss — what I call your “inner magic”  and build your life around THAT.

Why is bliss so important? For one thing it feels GREAT. But even more importantly, it raises your energetic vibration that is naturally attractive to others.

It’s what makes people WANT to connect and work with you. When you align your life and your work with your bliss, magic happens! Opportunities open up, your perfect clients magically find you and money follows.

There’s a big difference between trying to find time for fun — those bliss-filled moments (feels more like squeezing it into your schedule)  and actually building your life around what lights you up.

So IF you’re ready to reclaim your sanity and start living live on YOUR terms I invite you to discover the Feminine Path to YOUR prosperous life.

It’s time to start living your bedazzling life that matches your extraordinary self!


Paula Houlihan

Feminine Success Mentor
Women’s Empowerment Coach
Sparkle Enthusiast